I am Dyuthi kedlaya, 20 years old,stu-dieng final year degree, Native is Mangalore but 2 years back shifted to chennai. 

About Me?

  A Daydreamer who overthink, complaint and gets angry about every single thing thats happening in her Life . who lives a complicated name to the complicated Life, and If you think you can handle me? Nah, Never.

About this blog page? 

It’s just My Intrest. I am not a Professional writer but I write. My blog will include eveything..May be about Me , the place I visited, book I read , people I met , food I ate, what I felt on 2k17 sat evening , what exaclty happend on sep 22. 

Thank you,

                                     with Love,

                                             *Dyuthi Kedlaya*




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