Dyuthi ma, ini ennoda birthday so ennoda daughter ee shirt vaangi kuduta said >45 years old staff while opening the class door, with a bright smile on his face. wished him and thought to myself ‘ May be this is how happiness looks on a father’s face when his daughter/son buys him something on his/her own.

They say you need Money to be “Happy” . I strongly disagree this. may be Money is important but Money isn’t everything. If only food and new clothes makes you happy then this isn’t a post for you.

okay. So let me list out some my kind of happiness ,may be yours too…            

  • Waking up on a sunday morning to the smell of petrichor (smell of mud after a rain)          
  • Going home(native) and drinking grannys hand ka strong filtered Coffee.
  • Meeting a long lost friend in a grocerry store and realising that nothing has changed.
  • When a new born baby holds your hand with the smile on its face.
  • Forehead kiss from your dad.
  • Sleeping on Mamma’s lap after a big hectic day.
  • controlling your laughter with your bestfriend but completly failing at it.
  • Teasing your bestfriend with her crush’s name.
  • Random compliments.
  • That cool breeze while you are standing in the last step of bus.
  • Dancing in heavy rain with the person you love.
  • finding old gifts ,letters and slam books.
  • Happy Tears on her eyes when you surpise her.
  • long drive with loud music.
  • A new haircut.
  • when you don’t have to keep alarm for the next day.
  • 2am deep talks with your bestfriend.
  • Getting a dream job after soo many struggles.
  • Tight hug after a big cry.
  • Getting passed in a toughest paper.
  • Making your parents happy.
  • 12 am wishes on your birthday.
  • Visiting new places and trying new food.
  • Finding true Love.
  • Getting discounts on your favourite novels.
  • Finding money in your pocket.
  • Fixing Ac remote or replacing bulb and acting as if you discovered them.
  • Making someone laugh.
  • gol gappa competition with your sister.
  • Having long conversation with someone you care and haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • When a random stranger gives you a genuine smile.
  • Tryieng new recipe and creating something delicious.
  • Petting a Dog.
  • Drawing your friend’s face in the last page of your notebook during those boring periods.
  • Finding a new song and playing it 100 times until everyone gets tired of it.
  • Receiving flowers from someone you love.(girls high✋)
  • Sitting at the beach and merging with the sound of waves.
  • Watching Sunset.
  • achieving your goals.

                    And may be reading My blogs!! yes?No? okay whatever…and you know what Life is small may be too small, so cherish little things in life. because once its gone, you will realise these little things brings more happiness than your busy financial lifestyles. 

                         Thank you,       

                                                 With love,

                                             *Dyuthi kedlaya*



      1. Zuzu · January 18, 2018

        Gud one!! ✌️


      2. bluebrightly · February 6, 2018

        Those sound like good reasons to be happy to me! Good luck with your blog, and thanks for the follow!


      3. Paul Handover · February 9, 2018

        Called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. prajaktha · June 25

        Well said… Nice post✌️

        Liked by 1 person

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