PART 1 🙂

            Doorbell rang. she opened the door with her swelled sleepy eyes. “Happy birthday babygirl ” he screemes holding bunch of red roses ,chocolates and a teddybear. she hugged him with tears, while he kissed her forehead.
      baby, you look tired !! he said by holding his palm on her face. yeah , whole night I was waiting for your call. she said by removing his hands from her face.okay I am sorry I thought of surprising you today So din’t wish you. ‘It’s okay tulip bhaiya’ she said by winking her eyes.

Tulip; A well matured Gentleman. who blessed with not only beautiful hazed eyes and curly hair, but he is also gifted with a golden voice. A well known software engineer who owns 2 companies. His father was from canada and mother was goan. His father had visited India on a buisness trip to size up the Indian market. while he was there , he had found a new buisness opportunity and had decided to settle down in Goa. eventually he had met tulip’s mother and they fell in love and married.

Trisha;  A crazy girl, who is bold and beautifull. she lives alone in a big city. daughter of a strict parents, who hated all her talent as a designer and thought that they were a waste of time. despite their opposition she got placed in a best university at bombay and shifted there with tulip’s support. she always dreamt of owning her own brand and being successfull in it.                                                        Tulip was the only Man who supported her both financially and mentally to overcome all circumferences and helped her to achieve half of her dream.

   I wanted to show you something she said rising her eyebrows. ‘is’t ,whats that ?’ tulip said. tanaaa, look at this dress she said with full of excitement. wow ,Thats too good he said even though he hates pink ;                                Is this looks silly?  yeah! she get exited for every little things in her life.New dress,new hairstyle, new facecream ,balloons, her new bobby pin literally everything. and her second happiness is showing him those things, where he should compliment those things even though he doesn’t like them. just for her smile.

      Let me prepare maggie, and you want coffee or tea she asked holding tea powder jar. ‘coffee’ he said eventhough he knew that she doesn’t know to prepare it. sorry coffee powder is empty.”anything is fine babygirl ,by the I will take you out for lunch, so please don’t prepare curd rice” he said by winking his eyes.         

   He plot himself on the cough and turned on the tv, she lied on him placing her head on his chest. run your fingers through my hairs and don’t stop until I fall alseep..okay? ‘yes mam’ he said by resting his his head on hers. after some minutes she started to feel her eyes getting heavier everytime she blinked until they were fully shut. tulip could hear her soft snores, he kissed on her forehead gently and switched off the tv and fell asleep.                  






To be continued  …….

                  THANK YOU,

                              *DYUTHI KEDLAYA*



  1. Zuzu · January 19, 2018

    Waiting for next part✌️😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ashokbhatia · January 29, 2018

    May I know who has done the illustration….it has shaped up well.


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