She was still sleeping, he just laid there thinking of what their future could look like. he could just imagine two of them getting married and having children, running around the house.

finally she woke up to the sound of her annoying alarm.’ what’s the time now?’.. ‘its 2pm and I am too hungry’ Tanush said. “hmm okay then I will get ready” she said while hiding and eating something from fridge. 

Tulip : ‘hey, what you eating there’ ? Trisha : nothing !                                   Tulip : you lier!!  It’s Ferrero Rocher                          right? Give me one now.       Trisha : but I have only one!                   Tulip : you already  ate two right!   Trisha : but! Nooo.. ‘I will give half not full’                is that okay?                               Tulip : hmm okay!                                    She cut it 1/4 and 3/4 with the knife, ate 3/4 part and gave him 1/4rth which had only crispy side and had no chocolate in it.

They left home and reached one of the famous restaurent in the city. while tulip was paying the bill, she felt something strange beside her. when she turned back she saw hundreads of puppies running towards her holding red roses in their mouth while the cutest among them walking towards her holding a ballon and a letter. she was shocked yet soo surprised. she took roses from all the puppies ,opened the letter holding that cutest puppy and it had written  ‘Can I call you “My Mamma”‘ ? she turned towards Tulip with the big smile on her face.he took something out from his pocket went on knees holding a diamond ring and said  ‘ And….can I call you ” My Wife”‘?… she went on knees and hugged him and said I love you tulip’ with the tears of joy.

Finally they brought the puppy home.         Tulip : Are you happy ??                    Trisha : I am soo happy, Thank you soo                       much my Love. This was the                           best day of my life.                 Tulip : I love you!!                                    Trisha : I love you too!!                  

Tulip left bombay that night.Next day Trisha called sobbing and said him that the puppy is no more and she doesn’t know the reason. after that day Tulip tried calling her several times, but her mobile was switched off. he even reached her place, but din’t find her there. Its been year’s and year’s ,he is still waiting…!!
Thank you,

                                    *Dyuthi kedlaya*





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    It’s awesome…

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