The flop story !

Hey there ! So the last time I posted was in February :D. I hope you are doing good. I hope someone other than me still knows this blog exists. Here’s a hoping.

A lot has happened since I last posted. I did with my last semester papers , which means I officially completed my ug degree in the city called Chennai, even though I am not sure how I got there and stayed for 3 damn years.

2015 !!! Done with my +2 and shifted to Chennai with 1000+ level of excitement and over expectation about new city, new people, new home, New college and new Life. Started to the new city in the month of April, reached Chennai central railway station around 5.30am. everywhere jailaitha’s posters , smell from drainage water and got down from bus after traveling for 30 mins. mum literally made me walk for 1km to reach one of our relations home to freshup. Had our breakfast and started to our new house which was literally filled with 50+ boxes of goods. Mum left to work and I was all alone and I dint have any option rather than clearing out the boxes and setting them up. And yeah done with the first day with a big flop story.

First day of college, I am not even going to lie, college has been pretty much slap to the face whilst I was standing on the cliff. Tamil ! Everywhere. Felt like a different animal left in the group of same. It was soo brutal. I was pretty much sitting on the bench like a headless chicken and being anti-social pig , I was not even sure how I am gonna communicate with these people either. I don’t even know how to get back home. All that kept running in my head over and over.I was just thinking about how I wanted nothing more than to come back to my hometownand get back to my normal Life. Not even a day had passed and I was already exhausted both physically and mentally. To be honest, I was crying myself to sleep pretty much.oh yeah! So done with the Second flop story.

But who cares , you know ! First impressions might not be a best impression sometimes , and that’s okay. Day by Day eventually I started to find happiness in little things.. I found happiness in speaking Bala Bala Tamil mixing all the known languages , I found happiness in climbing the train after it starts, I found happienss in not buying tickets in local train and not get caught with TC’s , I found happiness in comming home early to watch my favourite shows and nap until mum knocks the door , I found happiness to hear my guitar tunes ,I found happiness in running back to native during my vacation and spending quality time with friends and narrating all the flop stories.

Anyways the point is, sometimes shit happens, nobody’s life is perfectly fine ,in everybody’s life there comes a point where you’re about to breakdown and feels like giving up . But chill..! That’s completely fine. it’s always going to get better eventually, you learn something new everyday, you adopt to changing environment and if you stay on the right track, everything works out for you in the end.




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